International League of Associations for Rheumatology

Request for Proposals.

Reinstatement of Clinical Anatomy as a Basic Knowledge for the Rheumatologist in Latin America ILARThe International League of Associations for Rheumatology issues an annual request for proposals for projects that advance rheumatology in developing countries.

Application Period

The deadline to submit proposals has passed. Applications for proposals for the 2018 calendar year will open in July 2017.

Award Amount

ILAR welcomes project proposals for ILAR’s contribution to projects between the amounts of $5,000 and $25,000 U.S. dollars.

Proposal Guidelines


Leagues of rheumatology associations, national rheumatology societies, universities and academic institutions, government agencies and individuals from institutions are all eligible to submit a proposal for consideration. Project proposals must clearly demonstrate that they address ILAR’s mission to advance rheumatology in developing countries in the areas of education, population health* and/or clinical practice. ILAR’s focus is specifically to advance the education and clinical practice of rheumatology in the developing world and therefore submitted proposals should demonstrate how they will impact improvements in education population health* and/or the clinical practice of rheumatology. ILAR will not fund research projects.

*Population Health is defined as health outcomes of a group of individuals including the distribution of such outcomes within the group.

This year, ILAR will give special consideration to these prioritized areas:

  1. Guidelines for emerging diseases (e.g., recognition and treatment of Chikungunya). ILAR recognizes that infectious agents and environmental events may have prolonged and untoward musculoskeletal effects.
  2. Modify current treatment recommendations for major rheumatic diseases to include practical solutions when only limited resources are available. ILAR recognizes that current treatment guidelines are not possible in some underdeveloped countries and could be modified based on best practices in those countries.
  3. Practical solutions to address issues of storage and distribution of medications for rheumatic diseases in underdeveloped countries. ILAR recognizes that medications needed for rheumatic diseases have a short half life, require refrigeration, etc. This may pose difficulties in countries with poor transportation, warehousing, and distribution.

Award Terms and Funding

ILAR is soliciting proposals for projects that clearly demonstrate that they address ILAR’s mission to advance rheumatology in developing countries in the areas of education, population health* and/or clinical practice for the funding year January 1 – December 31, 2017. In total, ILAR will fund up to $125,000 U.S. dollars for projects in 2017. Special consideration will be given to projects involving multiple leagues. ILAR’s intent in funding these projects is to provide seed money to help initiate meritorious projects that would eventually be eligible for other sources of funding.

Application Process

  1. Prior to completing and submitting the application, you are required to notify the president via email of your geographic area’s league (AFLAR, APLAR, PANLAR, or EULAR).  Please complete this before submitting the ILAR Project Sheet, as you are required to indicate your communication with appropriate league on the form.
  2. To apply, download and complete the ILAR Project Sheet and email the completed form to ILAR. You should receive a confirmation email within 48 hours of submission. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact Julie Anderson.

Required Documents

Conditions of Award

*You will only be required to complete this form if your project is selected for funding.

The Conditions of Award document outlines the payment schedule and terms of the award, and requires a signature from the awardee. This signed original document must be returned to ILAR by the due date indicating formal acceptance of the award. The first payment is scheduled for February of the award year; however no funds will be released prior to the receipt of this document.

To make sure the projects stay on task, ILAR will withhold 10% of the award until a six-month progress report is submitted. You are also expected to submit a report to be considered for publication in ILAR’s journal Clinical Rheumatology. Details and instructions on how to submit a manuscript to Clinical Rheumatology will be included with your letter of agreement.

Please review the 2017 COA for ILAR Grants document before you apply.


For more information, please contact ILAR at or 404-633-3777.

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