About ILAR Grants

The International League of Associations for Rheumatology is committed to advancing rheumatology in developing countries. As part of this commitment, ILAR issues annual grants and helps promote other grant opportunities. The ILAR Grants Program was developed in response to the growing need for global advancements in rheumatology.
ILAR grant projects

ILAR grant projects

Since 2008 ILAR has donated over $1.7 million U.S. to fund 90+ projects to advance rheumatology worldwide.

Grant Projects


Grant Proposals

Call for 2025 Project Proposals Is Open
Applications for grant proposals for the 2025 calendar year opened July 1, 2024 and will close on September 15, 2024.

Eligibility to Apply for ILAR Grant

  • Leagues of rheumatology associations, national rheumatology societies, universities and academic institutions, government agencies, and individuals from institutions are eligible to submit a proposal.
  • Project proposals must clearly demonstrate that they address ILAR’s mission to advance rheumatology in developing countries in the areas of patient education and health professional education, including population health and/or clinical practice and advocacy for rheumatology.
  • Research: ILAR will only fund epidemiology, public health and quality improvement research in the field of RMDs.

ILAR will give special consideration to these prioritized areas:

  • Programs that address the need to expand access to rheumatology care in your community.
  • Rheumatology education programs/materials for health professionals and/or patients to expand access to rheumatology care in your community.
  • Advocacy for rheumatology through disease awareness campaigns.
  • Development of registries (such as COPCORD Registry) in a developing country.

Special consideration will be given to projects involving multiple leagues.

Award Terms

Awardees will be required to complete a letter of agreement/conditions of award to initiate the funding. The awardee will agree to completing a progress report and final report for the project.

The first payment will be sent to the awardee no later than February of the award year; however, funds will not be released until ILAR receives the Letter of Agreement document.

To make sure the projects stay on task, ILAR will withhold 10% of the award until the awardee submits a six-month progress report.

Application Process

Please follow the steps below to submit a project.

  • Before completing the project proposal form, notify the president of your geographic area’s league (AFLAR, APLAR, PANLAR, or EULAR) by email.
  • Download and complete the ILAR Project Proposal Form.
  • Email the completed form to ilar@rheumatology.org. You should receive a confirmation email within 48 hours. (If you do not receive the confirmation email, please contact Jennifer Eastin at jeastin@rheumatology.org.)


For more information, please contact ILAR at ilar@rheumatology.org or 404-633-3777.