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Clinical Rheumatology, published in partnership with ILAR, is an international fully indexed peer-reviewed publication with original clinical investigation and research in the field of rheumatology with an accent on clinical aspects at the postgraduate level.

The journal covers modern trends in clinical and experimental research, management and evaluation, and diagnostic and treatment procedures for inflammatory, immunologic, metabolic, genetic, and degenerative soft and hard connective tissue diseases.

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Adewale O. Adebajo, MD

I am excited by the prospect of using my experience and expertise to build on the great work which Carlos Pineda and others have done with ILAR Clinical Rheumatology and I would like to take the journal to the next level. I intend to harness the world leading publishing expertise and resources of Springer Nature to further ILAR’s mission of raising awareness, education and research in musculoskeletal conditions across the globe. I believe that rheumatology is an important specialty which requires a higher profile, which can partly be achieved by progressing postgraduate rheumatology through ILAR Clinical Rheumatology.

Adewale O. Adebajo, MD • Editor-in-Chief (since 1/1/24), University of Sheffield Medica Academic Rheumatology Group • Sheffield, UK

Carlos Pineda

ILAR extends its sincere gratitude for Carlos Pineda, MD, PhD, as the former editor-in-chief of Clinical Rheumatology from 2019–2023.

Carlos Pineda • Editor in Chief (2019–2023)

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