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The International League of Associations for Rheumatology’s mission is to advance rheumatology in developing countries. The ILAR Executive Committee consists of the Presidents and Presidents-Elect of ACR, EULAR, PANLAR, APLAR and AFLAR. The collaboration of the leaders of these international organizations has resulted in a renewed commitment to provide grants to support programs that lead to progress in the practice and education of rheumatology in countries where there is an exceptional need.

The ILAR Grants Program, a funding initiative, was developed in response to the growing need for global advancements in rheumatology. Since 2008 ILAR has donated over one million dollars to fund over 50 projects worldwide. See projects from previous years.


2021 Projects

Lurin: Lupus Registry in Nigeria

AFLAR / Nigeria
The main goal of the project is to have a registry that will help improve the care and management of patients with SLE in Nigeria.

Community Arthritis Education and Treatment Project in Kitooro, Entebbe, Uganda

AFLAR / Kitooro, Entebbe, Uganda
This project aims to help patients with arthritis benefit from non-drug therapies which improve the quality of life, prevent depression, anxiety, poor sleep and poor coping mechanisms. Furthermore, patients share and learn from each other about arthritis, dispel myths and misconceptions.

Heralding Education in Autoimmune Rheumatic Disorders (HEARD)

AFLAR / Ghana
To create understanding amongst the population about rheumatologic disorders, to enable early health seeking behavior using animation videos and print material in local languages.

Highlighting and characterizing the cutaneous manifestations of systemic vasculitis and connective tissue diseases in Filipino skin

APLAR / Philippines
The overall aims of this study are: 1.) to improve the speed and efficiency of healthcare delivery to Filipino patients with systemic vasculitis and CTDs by developing an educational program highlighting the cutaneous manifestations of these diseases; 2.) to characterize the appearance of these lesions more definitively in Filipino skin through establishment of a registry; and 3.) to advance the field of rheumatology-dermatology in the Philippines.

Educational strategy to improve doctor / patient interaction in rheumatoid arthritis teleconsultation

PANLAR / Latin America
The main objective of this project is to improve the interaction between the doctor and the patient with RA in the context of telehealth, through an educational process for doctors and patients (each one separately), and the use of a mobile device application to patients: “ConsultApp Pacientes”.

Paediatric Rheumatology Online Medical Education in Africa: A collaborative approach between PAFLAR and the JIR Virtual Academy

AFLAR / Global
Our goal is to offer a blended learning experience by combining our PAFLAR webinars and the JIR rheumatology courses through fee subsidies to enrich the learning experience of pediatric rheumatologists and all other healthcare workers who care for pediatric rheumatology patients in the African continent while offering them an opportunity to showcase their clinical experience and expertise with the global rheumatology community.

Bridging the gap in the management of prevalent musculoskeletal conditions through telerehabilitation in Chile

This project will allow (1) to facilitate an evidence-based program in Spanish to implement the best-practice care for people with knee OA; (2) to provide formal training for the implementation of a telerehabilitation session in an efficient, systematic and evidence-based way; (3) to foster an academic collaboration between Australia and Chile improving access for clinicians to high-quality training.

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