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Global Rheumatology Alliance


The Global Rheumatology Alliance (GRA) aims to understand the impact and outcomes of COVID-19 on people with rheumatic disease around the world. The physician registry includes data from patients on 6 continents, but there is under-representation of Latin American, African, and Asian countries. The GRA grant program hosted by ILAR will provide small grants to physician champions in these countries to support systematic collection and documentation of COVID-19 cases in people with rheumatic disease. Countries are entitled to receive their own data back from the GRA registries for the purposes of public health surveillance and scientific presentations and publications.

Category of Recipient

Investigators at any level are eligible to apply. Applications should be coordinated with the GRA regional leads from the country.

Alignment with ILAR Goals

GRA’s grant program will allow investigators to collect de-identified COVID-19 data on people with rheumatic diseases around the world meeting ILAR’s mission to advance rheumatology in developing countries, specifically in the area of population health.


Any physician or registry who works in the country that is underrepresented in the GRA registries (listed in the Review Criteria section below) may apply.

Terms of Award

  • Funding source: Global Rheumatology Alliance
  • Length of award/grant: One year
  • Amount: $2,000 USD/per grant

The GRA is a section of the ACR. All payments made by the ACR on behalf of the GRA are in US dollars. When payments are transferred to banks outside of the US, the payments are converted to the local currency based on international exchange rates. The ACR is not responsible for foreign banks converting the payments at a higher exchange rate compared to the rate used at the time of payment transfer. Also, the ACR is not responsible for any foreign bank fees levied on payment recipients.

Review Criteria

Applicants must be in a country underrepresented in the GRA registries. Countries with an asterisk (*) have contacts/regional leads, listed on the GRA website. Email to contact a regional lead if needed.

ILAR Review Criteria Details

Application Process

Application Period: The second call for applications for proposals has closed. The deadline was March 26, 2021.

Applicants that can describe a systematic approach to collection of cases in regional health systems or hospitals will be given priority.

Preliminary Metrics and Evaluation

The desired outcome is to increase representation of developing countries in the GRA registry. The GRA will follow up with the grant recipients 6 months after the award to help evaluate progress of systematic data collection and case entry to the registry.

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