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About ILAR


The International League Against Rheumatism (ILAR) is committed to support programs that lead to progress in the practice and education of rheumatology in countries where there is an exceptional need.

Read the ILAR Bylaws.

ILAR History

  • March 2006: Meeting in Santander, Spain to discuss ILAR reorganization.
  • June 2007: Meeting in Barcelona, Spain to approve ILAR reorganization and determine the mission.
  • November 2007: First meeting of the restructured ILAR Executive Committee to discuss governance and journal issues. ILAR was restructured with a more focused mission to advance rheumatology in developing countries. The new ILAR’s Executive Committee consists of the Presidents and Presidents-Elect of ACR, EULAR, PANLAR, APLAR and AFLAR.
  • June 2008: Decision to fund ILAR projects for up to $100,000 (USD) in 2009.
  • October 2008: Decisions were made on the first round of ILAR projects.

ILAR Financial Statements

The International League of Associations for Rheumatology discloses its yearly commercial entity support by providing its Form 990s.

Fiscal Year 2020
ILAR Form 990

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